Best medical services can be found at the Villa Health and Rehab Center.

Village at Stonegate Nursing and Rehab

The Village at Stonegate Nursing and Rehab is a facility for physically-challenged adults. This facility offers one of the highest-quality in-home care options in the state. In addition to the 24-hour emergency services that are available, this facility provides a number of other services such as activities for the physically-challenged and healthcare professionals.

Doctors’ Assistance in One-on-One Care with clients at the Village at Stonegate Nursing and Rehab. These services include the following:

Physical therapy (Sandy Springs). Physical therapy is an essential part of physical rehabilitation, which is used to restore strength, function, and balance.

Psychiatric services (Rome). These services include psychological services and consulting services to help the client cope with changes in their lives and adjust to the changes in their medical and social environments.

Therapy (Atlanta). These services include behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, trauma/trauma treatment, and group counseling.

Outpatient Clinics 

The service includes the following:

In-Home Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services. These services include equipment for the handicapped, such as water heaters, electric wheelchair ramps, walkers, and carts. This equipment is available for use by the staff as well as the physically-challenged clients. All of the CLients’ medical cards and personal data are stored at virtual data room

Temporary, Permanent Bed. This service is available for physically-challenged clients. It is a secured temporary bed until their permanent bed can be set up.

High Chair

The high chair is used to help the physically-challenged client to gain physical independence.

Bathing Facilities. This service includes a basic shower, restroom, and laundry service.

Exercise Equipment

There are several gym equipments that will help the physically-challenged person lose weight, improve their balance, and build muscle.