What Are a Villa Health and Rehabilitation Center?

What are Stonegate Nursing and Rehabilitation? How does it work? Stonegate is a residential full-service, privately owned health care center that offers both long and short term residential health services to its patients. The term “full-service” indicates that Stonegate Nursing and Rehabilitation offer not only inpatient rehabilitation programs but also outpatient services such as medical care, medication management, psychotherapy, therapy, social work, acupuncture and massage, physical therapy, hearing aids and other disability services. These services are comprehensive and cover all areas of medical care for the elderly, injured or mentally handicapped. It also serves patients with all their other health-related needs such as diet counseling, fitness training, exercise instruction, cancer detection and treatment, chronic and acute care management, geriatric care, substance abuse, home health care, hospice, palliative care and much more.

In order to access these extensive benefits, clients are assigned an experienced and skilled licensed nurse, physician, counselor and therapist who are licensed by the state they practice in order to administer their specific programs. Another Stonegate villa health and rehab service are provided by a licensed practical nurse (LPN) who is a member of the association called the National Council for Professional Nursing and is authorized to practice as a nurse. This LPN must have a master’s degree in nursing, an extensive four-year college degree and a high school diploma. Furthermore, in order to be eligible as an LPN, he/she should have completed a minimum of 200 hours of continuing education and have passed a licensing examination.

Patients are assigned a primary caregiver, usually a spouse or a close family member who has been approved by the primary caregiver to be responsible for his/her care. The authorized official name of the caregiver is included on the patient’s medical records maintained at Stonegate villa health and rehab. An additional person may also be authorized by the patient’s primary caregiver to be his/her caretaker. The primary caregiver and other authorized official names are also included on the medical records of the patient at Stonegate.

The Stonegate Villas offers complete privacy, which is maintained by the management through security systems and electronic locking devices. In addition to that, the living areas are equipped with televisions and a library containing the books and magazines the patients may want to read and/or surf the internet. Other amenities offered by the Stonegate Villas include fitness centers and meeting rooms for the employees’ use. Employees can exercise in their own personal gym with their own personal equipment and use the fitness equipment and swimming pool on the premises. Moreover, the fitness center provides free weight and equipment rentals for clients who require them.

The rehabilitation and outpatient services offered by the Stonegate villa health and rehab in Jamaica include all levels of treatment and surgery. An array of medical care is also provided by qualified physicians who specialize in the field of medical surgery. The physicians are licensed by the Medical Council of Jamaica and have undergone specialized post-graduate training in the field of medicine. These doctors work with the most advanced technology and utilize all sorts of media such as the internet, television and radio to promote community-based treatment programs for all ages.

The term”skilled nursing facility may be a freestanding facility or part of a hospital that has been certified by Medicare to admit patients requiring subacute care and to provide intermediate or custodial care to them until they can be transferred to a specialized facility for specialized care. These facilities are generally approved by Medicare and are subject to periodic review to assure their continued operation by meeting satisfactory standards. They are generally located within the vicinity of the home of the patient or within a secure distance from the patient’s home. Private, specialty care hospitals are also available to meet the specific needs of the individual patient.