Rehabilitation at Stonegate Villa Health and Rehabilitation

Stonegate Villa Health and Rehabilitation in Crossett, AR offers a range of services including physical, occupational and speech therapies. Outpatient therapy is available to all ages, including a convenient private entry to our therapy gym. Stonegate Villa Health and Rehabilitation in Crossett, AR has the most up-to-date rehabilitation equipment. This includes E-Stim, ultrasound, diathermy and percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.


The department also utilizes parallel bars, biodex, upper-extremity restoration, stationary bikes and weights to name a few. Most importantly, is the actual therapy team’s unqualified commitment, to our resident’s quality of life. Inpatient services are available with private Medicare suites for short term rehab to home.


Individuals in Crossett, AR can enjoy private dining and living areas, giving them a Geriatric Enhanced Modalities enhance the effectiveness of traditional therapies by offering pain control and increased healing times. Wound care treatments are greatly increased as well with the use of diathermy.


Stonegate Villa Health and Rehabilitation provides specialty services, including outpatient and short term rehab to home for individuals recovering from surgery, illness, injury or accident. Physical medicine and rehabilitation for all ages includes but is not limited to:


  • Our physical therapy program which includes balance retraining, ambulation training with assistive devices, strengthening, transfer training, electrical stimulation for neurological disorders, ultrasound therapy for pain management, and endurance training with in-house equipment.
  • Occupational Therapy including the activity of daily living training for bathing, dressing, continence and hygiene, neurological testing and retraining, and urinary incontinence training, shoulder and hand therapy.
  • Speech Therapy, which includes training for swallowing dysfunction, cognitive retraining and dysarthria, improving speech and language abilities and vital-stimulation therapy.