Villa Health and Rehab Center in Stonegate, NC

Villa Health and Rehab Center offers high quality care at affordable rates, conveniently located near medical centers, renowned hospitals, and other amenities. The facilities are comfortable and convenient for patients, their families, and doctors. In addition, the medical staff members and doctors are highly trained and experienced, ensuring the highest level of care. With its excellent reputation, it has become a top choice for patients, families, and physicians seeking superior care and healing.

Whether you are suffering from a chronic illness or are looking for an advanced treatment facility, a villa in Stonegate, NC may be the perfect place for you. These facilities offer top-notch medical care and a comfortable respite from the outside world. Many of the facilities offer the latest in healthcare technology. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy a private bedroom and bath with separate facilities. In addition to these features, villas provide patients with superior living amenities.

Aside from the superior living facilities, Villa Health and Rehabilitation Center also offers spiritual visits, activities for elderly, and memory care. Residents are offered a relaxing atmosphere, a break from the hectic world, and the latest technology and medical care. The facility has a patient-to-staff ratio of 1.2. They are also equipped with a fully-equipped kitchen, separate living rooms, and private bathrooms. Despite the superior amenities, villas also offer a private bedroom and bath.

The medical staff at Villa Health and Rehab Center are knowledgeable, friendly, and compassionate. They provide excellent care while providing a luxurious retreat. The setting and the amenities of these facilities are perfect for those suffering from chronic illnesses. The patient is given a primary caregiver and the name of this person is recorded in the patient’s medical records. There is also an option of adding an additional person to the caregiver’s list. In addition, the facility is well-equipped with a computer lab.

The services at Villa Health and Rehabilitation Center are excellent and will meet your medical needs. The center provides services like medical treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation. It is a privately owned facility. During recovery, the staff will ensure that your comfort is top priority. If you’re in need of a hospital, you’ll be happy to know that a private room will be available to you at the Villa Health and Rehab Center.

A private health care facility, Stonegate Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has 76 beds. This facility is affiliated with Medicaid and Medicare. The medical staff and amenities of this facility are exceptional. The staff at Stonegate Nursing and Rehab Center is dedicated to providing exemplary care to patients. They are proud of the fact that the staff is staffed with highly-trained personnel. This is important in any medical center because the staff is trained to handle patients of different diagnoses.